Button Mixes

As the UK's leading and most comprehensive button distributor with our own high quality dyeing facilities we are delighted to have been supplying mixed selections of buttons for Crafting for several years now.

We bring over vast quantities of undyed polyester buttons from around the world some of which comprise of either overmakes or cancellations by garment producers. We then sort through and select batches which we then dye to numerous different colours. These we then use to create various mixes which we offer in various sizes of bags and jars and 50 gramme Bumper Packs. To order - decide type, then name of mix, then pack title.

Autumn Blacks Blues Brights
Christmas Greens Yellow Creams
Greys Halloween Summer Hi-Vis
Horn Lilacs Natural Nursery
Party Pastel Pinks Spring
Total Random Tropical Wedding Vintage
Winter Metals Gold Metals Silver Metals Random
England Scotland Ireland Wales